20190820 White Squirrel

The host lady at the campground was all agog over a new little white squirrel that had just come down from the nest 3 weeks ago. White is not a survival trait for a squirrel. She was SO easy to spot in the trees! Apparently they had one a couple of seasons back and this meant she had survived long enough to breed. This one is a feisty little thing for all her vulnerability. She would just sit in the tree and chatter at me forever, no instinct to run and hide at all. The host says she’s not an albino because her eyes aren’t pink, but I’m not sure about that. Her eyes have a red cast in many of the pictures. On the other hand, she didn’t seem to be squinting or having any trouble with bright sunlight. I’ll likely never know, but what a treat to watch her and photograph her!

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