20200510 A Time to Hang

The Great Pause has given me a good bit of time in the backyard playing with, I confess, way more hammocks than any one person should own. Once I got the camping hammock procedure down, I moved on to the relaxing hammock. This one is basically a Texas flag gathered at each end. It’s strung in the backyard, under the shade of a pergola with two ceiling fans overhead. Today is Mother’s Day and it’s unseasonably pleasant here in Texas. Just cool enough to enjoy the feel of the sun on my face, not a cloud in the sky. A sweet breeze tickles the windchimes and brings a fragrance from a nearby shrub that’s blooming with great enthusiasm. I’ve hung the hammock low to the ground, just high enough to swing, but low enough that it’s easy to kick it back in motion when it slows. The head is hung a little higher than the foot so it’s more like a lounge chair than a bed, and I can watch the wildlife in the yard. My book and my drink are close to hand. There’s a clear view of the path I know our resident herd of deer will pass by soon. Although I can’t see him right now, I know Soup the Box Turtle is hanging out over there in the daylilies. If I’m lucky I might see our raccoon come climb the palm tree over my head. And there’s always a chance of a bunny, possum or armadillo walking by. Sure, I’d love to be camping somewhere, but This. Is. Perfect.

Just for this one idyllic moment, life is perfect.

2 thoughts on “20200510 A Time to Hang

  1. Description was so vivid that I could picture it and feel the breeze in my face. Thanks for sharing! Love, Lynda

    1. Like Lynda, I can just see you, peacefully relaxing in your own little “Asylum “. Got to love nature?????????☀️?

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