The bank! My favorite place! They have cookies!

Back when I was gainfully employed Mondays were billing and banking days. Every Monday after billing, I’d pack up the invoices and deposits and invite the girls to go to the bank. Suki has always been suspicious of car rides, (maybe because so many of her rides end up at a vet) but Aiko loves them! Suki would always decline the bank runs, but Aiko knows bank tellers have COOKIES!!

Since I’ve retired there’s no stream of checks coming in and not so many trips to the bank. Today I had to make an actual in-person visit so Aiko came along. It’s probably been 4 years since she’s been to the bank, but she didn’t miss a lick of the drill. Hopped in the car, smiling all the way! She tried to stick her head in the carrier before I even sent it in. Then she whined continuously until the carrier came back –


Not to worry, Mom’s been here before. I slipped my palmed cookie into the carrier and she was none the wiser.

Next stop – PETSMART!