20190715 Iowa, Badlands, Black Hills and Beyond

DAY 1: Wellington, Kansas 20190717.1831 103.9°

The Docking Dram

As boaters, the first thing we did after tying up and washing down was meet on the party dock for docktails, usually martinis or ginTs . As a backpacker it’s a wee dram of scotch whiskey after the tent is pitched and the campfire is going. As an RVer, it’s a toast under the awning after a long day on the road.

I’ve decided that henceforth all such activity will be known as a “Docking Dram”.

Now you know, so you won’t be confused when I offer you one. I can’t predict the brand, but it will be single malt.


Wellington KOA, just 1/4 mile from I-35

Just a place to sleep for the night. No shade, no water, no fun. But they do have free WiFi and cable TV, so we get to play with our cable TV connection for the first time! The drive was long but uneventful, and that’s an RVer’s dream come true! I’ve added Kansas and Oklahoma to my United States life list. Even stopped and actually got out of the van, not just a drive through.

Screenshot, right, is from my Kestrel weather drop, which admittedly is hanging off the passenger side mirror in the sun. But trust me, it’s HOT! As I typed this blog, the temperature has plummeted to a brisk 100 °. Ahhh, relief!

Halfway to the Lammers’ home in Sibley! Tomorrow night we sleep underground in the Bat Cave and Thursday morning it’s coffee with Rick’s brother Lanny and my sisterNancy, and special bonus visit with “our” mom Lorraine! There’s no place like home, but Sibley comes awfully close!