The Batcave 20190719.1123

In Iowa they have BASEMENTS! How I wish I could have one of these wonderful inventions! Lanny & Nancy have part of it as storage, but the other half is the game room and guest suite. The first time we visited I slept till some ungodly hour like 9am. When I finally stumbled upstairs the next morning I blamed it on the Batcave.

The next time we visited we had a furry friend hanging over the door, and now it’s known as the Batcave.

Sister Nancy works at Holiday Inn in Worthington. Over the years, as the Inn retired things they made them available to employees. Nancy has whimsically decorated the guest room as a hotel room.

I wanted to be whimsical, too, so I turned the doorknob tag over. I wanted to put out the side that said “Maid please make up this room as soon as possible”. But sister is too smart for me. It says “Privacy Please” on both sides.

There is a call button on the dresser for maid service, but nobody ever answers.

The guest hospitality suite…

It’s like peeing in a moonlit grotto in the Brazilian rain forest. Just look out for the bats!

I took too long deciding to take photos, and now the guys are off on their fishing trip in South Dakota. While they’re gone Nancy and I will be catching up with my niece Abby, great nieces Meesha and Penny, and meeting our newest great niece, Joy DeeLanny. Joy is named after her two grandpas, Dee and Lanny. Photos to come!