20190724 Purely Presidential!

Talk about iconic images! They’re on your money, they’re on the mountainside, you’ve seen this image your whole life. Like me, you may even have memorized the cracks and crevices in the stone. But now it’s live, it’s real, and it’s breathtaking! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to appreciate this.

First glimpse coming up the grand approach. Many of the peripheral services are closed for construction, but the main attraction is ageless and timeless. For now, anyway.

Always looking for the perfect “framed” shot. This wasn’t it!

So good to see my miracle boy laughing again after all the months of pain. I never fully appreciated what he was feeling until he wasn’t feeling it anymore. Now he’s sleek and healthier than he’s been in years. Not to mention that gorgeous new beard he’s never been able to grow before.

Welcome back, honey!

Who is this handsome skinny guy and why did he steal my husband’s camera?

Bonus points if you find Terry in the picture.

This one’s my favorite. Gotta have trees framing everything. It’s a forest girl thing.


“I didn’t know native Americans used rebar for tent stakes!”

There’s an uplifting story here if you take the time to enlarge and read it. At least that’s what Rick says, I haven’t done it yet!

Gutzon Borglum, the sculptor.

Bust done by his son, Lincoln Borglum.

The view from the parking garage towards Rapid City, South Dakota.

One last peek over my shoulder as we leave.

‘Bye, George! Thanks for the hospitality!

Next up, the unexpected highlight of the trip, Custer State Park!

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