20190725 Bison & Burros & Beloveds, Oh My!

Custer State Park turned out to be a sleeping giant. It’s a state park, we thought, it’ll be an ok place to spend the night. It was so much more than that!

Having not made reservations we had to take what we could get. First night we stayed in Legion Lake Campground. Not much roughing it here! We had full power and water, a restaurant, store and gift shop just steps away, nestled up against a beautiful little cliff-lined lake with kayak rentals. What fun! After a nice dinner at the restaurant I picked up a Custer State Park ballcap and coffee mug and Rick got a nice souvenir jacket. We got up the next morning, caffeinated ourselves and headed out for the highlight of the park, the 18 mile wildlife loop. We were so excited to see the legendary buffalo herd. But it was not to happen today.

It was a pastoral drive with wide open fields and rolling hills dotted with trees and creeks. But no wildlife. All those cameras, lenses and tripods we hauled up from Texas for nothing. Finally, just when we were about to give up, we at least spotted the wild donkey herd. Well, wild is perhaps too strong a word. Unsupervised pets might be more accurate! They were not wary of humans in the slightest. One had a bit of commentary on my passing.

Finally, just as we were about to give up, we spotted the buffalo herd a LONG way away. Even this shot was with a very long lens. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

In the afternoon I made a little scramble up the cliff behind our campsite. It was short but steep and I found a few nice surprises up there! The last shot is down the cliff toward our little camper and my hammock.

Before dinner we swung by the gift shop – turns out Rick really liked my cap and coffee mug and I really liked his jacket, so we duplicated last night’s purchases! After a delicious dinner of bison burgers and fries at the restaurant, I rented a kayak for a little paddle around the lake.

Not having a dry bag for this spontaneous excursion, I sent my phone back to camp with Rick, so there aren’t any pictures from the kayak. However, while paddling I spotted our silver Airstream camper sitting by the side of the lake! So I paddled back and forth in front of the Airstream, waving like a madwoman so Rick could take pictures. Then I spotted the satellite dome on top of the camper.

We don’t have a satellite dome on our camper.

Oops. ?

That evening we spent some quality time together just hanging at the campsite. I’m so loving having this uninterrupted, undistracted time alone with my sweetheart.

I’ve loved the mind in the man for almost 40 years. I’m really enjoying having that gorgeous mind transplanted into this sleek new body with the handsome beard! Every time I look at him I’m stunned by his transformation.

Tomorrow we move on to the State Game Lodge Campground for our last night before the long drive home.

2 thoughts on “20190725 Bison & Burros & Beloveds, Oh My!

  1. Lovely Terry, your writing is so inspiring. Great photos as always, I especially like the hole in the tree photo. I bet you knew that when you took it. As for Rick, that man is ROCKING. So very proud of this new old guy! Seeing the two of you together camping with those beautiful big smiles warms my heart. Love you guys!

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